Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is my first summer living on the farm, now "home" to me. With field work underway, everyone is busy-busy. I too have kept busy with work, chores, cake orders and working on the yard. I am lucky to have 5 wonderful fruit bearing rhubard plants, but really wanted a garden as well. So I brought the truck to town, bought some wooden border things, and built one.

Step 1: Shape them how I want them to look.
Step 2: Find some stakes and hammer them in.

Step 3: Use the tiller to break the ground up.
Step 4: Use the payloader get some dirt. Level and work it.
Step 5: Planting & fertilizing

Step 6: Draw a map of the garden so I know what to plant next year!

Step 7: Water and watch it grow.

Our dog Lucy loves playing in the sprinkler but she behaved herself and stayed out of the garden. Please disregard the lawn, my husband is ordering a sprayer to hook on the Gator to get the pesky weeds under control!

Hint to my Momma: If you study the veggies we planted you will find they are all the ingredients to your awesome salsa!

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