Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garden Fresh Veggies All Winter Long!!

Lack of posting can only mean one thing........I've been super busy. Since I have shared the step-by-step process of freezing fresh peaches I thought I'd share with you a couple more veggies I have been freezing...seems more like stock piling for the winter!

Farmers Markets are absolutely amazing but the season is short lived. I have picked up an abundance of cabbage, peppers, and zucchini. There is nothing better than cabbage soup during a North Dakota blizzard. Since veggies don't keep very long, freezing them is super easy!

It's as easy as cleaning the veggies, chopping or shredding them up to the desired size, and measuring them into freezer ziplock bags. It is importants to get as much air out of the bags as possible and make sure you are using "freezer" bags! I always write the date and contents with a Sharpie so anyone that is digging through one of the many freezers knows exactly what each bag is.

I hope you've enjoyed this tip from our kitchen!

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