Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Wedding

We got married December 2nd at Maui :-) finding a dress for a destination wedding, to fly across the US and over the ocean seemed challenging until my sister pulled this one out for me to try on. It was love at first sight.

It's not a wedding without a bouquet! Since we had a destination wedding and a reception later, I found a lady on Etsy that made custom broach bouquets, it was perfect. My bouquet was filled with vintage broaches symbolizing Justin and I, our begininng, as well some in memory of my Grandparents and Aunt who were with us in spirit.
Maui was absolutely beautiful, a true paradise!

 Our custom"Knotty Blocks" that sat with our guest book, everyone loved them:

WEDDING CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We chose a beach theme to fit our wedding. It was oh so yummy. We saved the top layer for our 1st anniversary.

If I can offer any advice to bride-to-be's it would be this:
2. People never remember the decorations, simple is great with lights of course!
3. Skip the free booze and favors, your guests will buy their own drinks and favors get left laying around!
4. Make a list of pictures for your photographers this way you will not "forget" anyone.
5. Whether a band or dj have them play music that people can actually dance too, consider your grandparents that might want a couple polka, waltz and so on, "jig-a-boo" music is okay but not all night!
6. It's not the size of your diamond, it's the meaning that never ending ring represents!
7. Toasting glasses, cake knifes, personalized napkins are nice but not really necessary, save your $.
8. Smile the whole day, people are snapping pictures all the time! My face felt numb about 3 hours into it-haha!
9. Don't get worked up over the people who don't send the RSVP's back, order for the number you have for sure, some of the people that tell you they are coming...won't show up. Sad but true you do find out how important you really are in some people's life. 
11. Let your family and friends throw you a shower/party it's a lot of fun and a great way to show you just how much you mean to them.
12. Always, always send thank you cards out for shower gifts, and again for wedding gifts.
13. It's your day, everything will be just beautiful and exactly how you want it!


John Michael Montgomery says it best:
Life's a dance you learn as you go
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
Don't worry about what you don't know
Life's a dance you learn as you go

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