Thursday, August 11, 2011

Country Livin'

Fall harvest has started and the guys are busy as ever! We live close enough to town to run in when needed, but far enough away to make us appreciate Sam's Club and buying in bulk. Here are a few of our latest purchases!

You are probably laughing by now but the convenience of having orange juice, snacks, chips etc in make like quite easy for my fiance to pack a quick lunch! Of course when I'm off work and get home I prepare a hot meal for supper!

I have to admit the young boy at the cash register chuckled when he saw me buy a case of beans! I assured him they weren't all for me. :-)

If you shop at Sam's Club I have found that not everything is always cheaper in larger quanities. As much as I sound like my high school accounting teacher I often calculate things to see what the cost is per item. If you shop wisely you can certainly save a lot money!

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