Friday, June 17, 2011

~ For the Peanut Butter Lovers ~

I am somewhat of a health nut! I like almost every woman in America has tried this diet....and that diet.....and wow this one looks even better I need to try that one. After spending lots of money and time learning different diets, eating pre-made meals I always seem to fall back to portion control and reading the nutritional labels. One of my biggest downfalls is peanut butter. I L.O.V.E peanut butter!

I set a search out for some healthy peanut butter a couple months go. This is what I've found and absolutely love. PB2 it comes in regular and chocolate flavors. I purchased the powder form which is easily prepared by mixing 2 Tbsp of PB2 + 1 Tbsp of water. Occasionally I will add a little Stevia for a little sweeter mix.

Now how do you eat this PB2 without spreading it on a piece of bread (I  use Sara Lee 45 calorie bread) you might be asking? Try this too good to be true PB2 on sticks of celery or with apples!
Here is where I order by PB2::

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