Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bouquet'd Potatoes

Wondering what bouquet is? Kitchen Bouquet is a browning/seasoning that has been around for many...many moons! You can find it near the steak sauce in the grocery store. Bouquet'd Potatoes are great served with steak, hamburgers, and so on. Go ahead give it a try!

Bouquet's Potatoes
potatoes - cut into wedges
1 stick butter - melted
1 tablespoon Kitchen Bouquet
2 teaspoons ranch powder - optional

Directions: Stir melted butter, Kitchen Bouquet and ranch together. Dip potatoes into mixture until coated and place on a baking sheet. Sprinkle parsey over potatoes...generously! Bake at 350 for about a half hour or until potatoes are tender. Baking time will depend on the size of your potatoes.

*I didn't get a picture of them after taking them out of the oven but imagine those potatoes with a nice dark almost caramelized look.


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  1. My mom always adds Bouque to her tater tot hot dish. So good!